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Whale Watching in the Bay, August 4

Whale Watching at the Golden Gate, August 4th

It's Humpback and Blue Whale Season in SF Bay now through November

Tideline will depart Berkeley Marina at 11:00am and SF, Pier 1.5 at 11:30am and will cruise along the scenic San Francisco Waterfront toward the Golden Gate.  We will post around the Golden Gate, which is the perfect viewing area for whale watching.  We will return to Pier  1.5 at 1:30pm and Berkeley Marina at 2:00pm.

Tideline vessels are equipped with restrooms, inside and outside seating and beverage service (beer, wines and sodas)

Humpbacks feed on fish, or the tiny crustaceans we call krill. When the krill begin to “bloom” in vast numbers offshore in the Gulf of the Farallones, usually by August, the humpbacks will turn their attention there. But until then, the humpbacks are taking advantage of the Bay’s bounty. You can sometimes see them lunging to the surface, their huge throats distended as they engulf a shoal of anchovies.

What to Bring

  • Warm Clothes, jackets, hats and gloves (waterproof)

  • Comfortable non-slip shoes

  • Food and beverages of choice

  • Sun protection

  • Cameras

  • Binoculars

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