Bay Cruise led by The Marine Mammal Center, Nov 4

Bay Cruise led by The Marine Mammal Center, Nov 4


Tideline invites you to join us on a cruise of the San Francisco Bay Area with a marine biologist from The Marine Mammal Center. Our guide will take you to locations around the Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge where marine mammals call the Bay their home. We’ll keep an eye out for California sea lions, Pacific harbor seals, dolphins and whales, as well as our local harbor porpoises, a species that has returned to the bay after a 60-year absence.

The Marine Mammal Center is leading the field in ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education. Marine mammals are ecosystem indicators, and the health of these animals provides insights into human and ocean health threats. Together, we will learn what we can do to support our local marine mammals and become stewards of our shared ocean environment.

1st Charter

Departing Berkeley Marina at 9:00am (this boat will not return to Berkeley until 2:00pm, people departing on this boat can spend time at Cavallo Point after the Mammal Cruise until the boat returns to Berkeley)

Departing Cavallo Point at 9:45

Returning to Cavallo Point at 11:15am

2nd Charter

Departing Cavallo Point at 11:30am

Returning Cavallo Point at 1:00pm

Departing for Berkeley Marina at 1:15pm

Returning to the Berkeley Marina at 2:00pm

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